Whether your boiler’s not boiling, your chiller’s not chilling, or your ventilation system’s not ventilating—Weathervane Service, Inc. will get you back on track in no time.

We troubleshoot, fix, and maintain everything from simple refrigeration units to elaborate energy-management systems, and we’re one of few HVAC companies that specializes in atriums.

While many of our clients are retail chain stores, we also work on malls, department stores, schools, warehouses, universities, and hospitals. Our services include:

  • HVAC system service, with emphasis on preventive-maintenance
    service agreements
  • Design and installation of:
    • Boilers
    • Computer-room environments
    • Controls
    • Cooling towers
    • Energy management
    • Package units
    • Piping
    • Pumps
    • Split systems
  • Mobile power washing

In addition, we have longstanding relationships with all major HVAC equipment manufacturers and can handle most in-warranty and service issues on your behalf. You see, we know you’re busy, so we work hard to take the burden off your shoulders.

Up to speed with the latest in electronic business transactions, we’re EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capable and can invoice, transfer documents, update work orders, issue reports, and receive payments online. In addition, we’ve got a rock-solid disaster-recovery plan in place, with state-of-the-art back-up software and off-site data storage.

We’re licensed in several states that require licenses for HVAC work, including:
  • Rockland County, NY license #P-1226HC
  • Maryland license # 59831

Finally, we’re a one-stop, turnkey operation, so we can respond to your needs quickly—and with all the bells and whistles. Need rigging equipment? Got that. Need a scissor lift? Got one. Need a truck or mobile power-washing unit? No problem. You’ll never have to wait a week while we rent equipment—we store everything in house.

If you’re problem is urgent, we react instantly. If it can wait, we respond promptly. We promise.

Give us a call today at 732.727.0002, or click here to shoot us a message immediately.